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Edition 76

By Dominique Molina, CPA MST CTS

Mitigating Risks: A Roadmap for Withdrawing Employee Retention Credits or Filing Income Tax Returns for Clients Who Have

Just in – the IRS dropped a hot alert about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), and it's time to pay attention . With the March 22, 2024, deadline creeping up for the ERC Voluntary Disclosure Program, it's crucial for those who mistakenly filed a claim to take action. This program lets businesses repay just 80% of the claimed amount, so it's a chance to make things right. If your clients filed a claim that's still in the pipeline, it's time for a double-check. Review the guidelines ASAP and withdraw the claim if it doesn't pass muster.


Soapbox Ethics: Circular 230 And the Unauthorized Practice of Law

The beneficial ownership reporting requirement established by the Corporate Transparency Act has created a fair amount of chaos concerning whether providing reporting services to clients is the unauthorized practice of law (UPL). While some state bar associations have come down on one side or the other as to whether certain types of reporting are UPL, the Treasury offers no clear guidance. What the IRS has made clear recently is that Circular 230 ethical obligations extend to matters beyond what the Loving case determined was “practice before the IRS.”

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How Tax Professionals Can Navigate Complex Financial and HR Conversations Using AI: The ChatGPT C.A.R.E. Method

In the intricate world of accounting, tax professionals are often perceived as navigators traversing through the seas of numbers and financial statements. A lesser-discussed aspect of their role is the management of complex and emotionally charged conversations. Tax accountants frequently find themselves at the center of discussions that are not just about figures on a spreadsheet but deeply intertwined with the personal and business well-being of their clients. From addressing audit discrepancies to handling sensitive tax liabilities, these scenarios demand more than just technical know-how; they require a blend of empathy, clear communication, and emotional intelligence.

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The Latest on Proposals for a Wealth Tax

Should the rich pay more taxes? Are they dodging their equitable responsibility? Or do wealth taxes discourage people from the American dream of trying to get rich? Taxes are what the other guy in America should pay and the rich, with headline exemptions like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates , usually join the chorus of taxpayers who say they don’t want to pay more taxes no matter how much they’re worth. Call the concept one of a fair share or just simply unfair, a national wealth tax continues to ignite debate and legislation. What’s the latest?

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