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By Staff Writer

Around the Tax World – April 9, 2024

In The Headlines - Will Trump be out $450 million?

What's New In The Tax World? - Scams abound during this tax season: here’s how to avoid falling prey

State-By-State Updates - Illinois is recruiting volunteer firefighters by offering a special tax credit.

Tax Planning Tips - Planning for retirement? Don’t overlook the saver’s tax credit.


Around the Tax World – March 21, 2024

In The Headlines - Will the U.S. become a TikTok-free zone?.
What's New In The Tax World? - A $78 billion tax bill passes the House but hits walls in the Senate State-By-State Updates - Colorado residents may be eligible for an $800 refund this tax season.
Tax Planning Tips - Is your property tax bill astronomical? Consider whether you can appeal your property tax assessment.

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Around the Tax World – March 7, 2024

In The Headlines - H&R Block and TurboTax have been accused of “deceptive advertising” by the FTC.
What's New In The Tax World? - The IRS levels up on cryptocurrency tax compliance with the help of two former crypto executives. State-By-State Updates - Kansas shuts down a $1.6 billion tax cut package including a flat income tax rate of 5.25%
Tax Planning Tips - Planning your retirement? Consider these states with the lowest tax rates.

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Around the Tax World – February 22, 2024

In The Headlines - Who will win in the battle between The New York Times and OpenAI?
What's New In The Tax World? - The popular EV tax credit has yielded $135 million in reimbursements for automotive dealers this year. State-By-State Updates -California considers a ballot initiative that would limit local and state governments’ ability to raise taxes.
Tax Planning Tips - If you have long-term care insurance, keep in mind these tax deduction limitations.

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Around the Tax World – February 8, 2024

In The Headlines - Super Bowl LVIII means record-breaking ticket prices for football fans and revenue spikes for Las Vegas small businesses.
What's New In The Tax World? - To file or not to file? With new proposed tax breaks coming up fast, the IRS urges taxpayers to move ahead with their tax returns State-By-State Updates -A Connecticut task force tries to bid farewell to the state’s car tax.
Tax Planning Tips - With TJCA tax provisions soon to expire, 2024 will be a crucial year for tax planning.

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Around the Tax World – January 25, 2024

In The Headlines - Spirit Airlines and JetBlue may be star-crossed business partners.
What's New In The Tax World? - 2024 may be the Year of the Tax Break—from the expanded child tax credit to business benefits State-By-State Updates -The Kansas Legislature is stepping on the gas when it comes to income and sales tax reform.
Tax Planning Tips - The latest industry boom is in selling energy tax credits—a market worth up to $9 billion.

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Around the Tax World – January 10, 2024

In The Headlines - Universal Pictures ousts Disney from its throne in 2023, coming in as the highest-grossing studio at the box office.
What's New In The Tax World? - Cutting state tax rates: What was hot in 2023 may not be in 2024 State-By-State Updates -Georgians may have more money in their pockets in 2024 from reduced state income taxes.
Tax Planning Tips - Another day, another EV tax credit update—and it’s a big one.

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Around the Tax World – December 28, 2023

In The Headlines - One of the most successful businesses of 2023 is… Taylor Swift.
What's New In The Tax World? - Popular electric vehicles may fall out of favor in 2024 without the help of the EV tax credit State-By-State Updates -California’s climate programs may have one adverse side-effect—$6 billion in lost gas tax revenue.
Tax Planning Tips - New guidance on the Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit is finally being released… but is this good news or bad news?

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Around the Tax World – December 11, 2023

In The Headlines - AI-generated fake reviews are taking a toll on the tourism industry—and Exceptional Alien is fighting back with the help of celebrity investors.
What's New In The Tax World? - The fate of a potential “wealth tax” rests on a current Supreme Court case State-By-State Updates -Georgia’s Republican lawmakers want to speed up state tax cuts.
Tax Planning Tips - Looking to save on taxes next year? Lose the money market funds and consider municipal money market funds and Treasury bills instead.

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