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By Staff Writer

Around the Tax World – November 10, 2023

In The Headlines - What do Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Reese Witherspoon have in common?

What's New In The Tax World? - House Republicans propose a $14 billion reduction in the IRS’ budget to fund aid to Israel

State-By-State Updates -Alabama residents will see a little income boost through a round of tax rebates.

Tax Planning Tips - The IRS’ latest mission: hunting down $1 trillion lost to overseas tax havens.


Around the Tax World – October 26, 2023

In The Headlines - Not liking Louis Vuitton’s men’s line this year? Blame Pharrell.
What's New In The Tax World? - A new Supreme Court case questions whether a couple’s $15,000 tax bill is unconstitutional
State-By-State Updates -Californians are getting an extended deadline for federal and state taxes.
Tax Planning Tips - The IRS is piloting its free tax-filing platform in 13 U.S. states.

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Around the Tax World – October 9, 2023

In The Headlines - The Hollywood writers strike has ended, but the actors aren't back just yet
What's New In The Tax World? - An IRS contractor has been charged with leaking tax information belonging to Donald Trump and thousands of other wealthy taxpayers.
State-By-State Updates -Arizona cities are encouraging new housing developments by offering major tax breaks.
Tax Planning Tips - Can TikTok be your tax advisor? Tax professionals are warning about the dangers of misinformation on social media.

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Around the Tax World – September 26, 2023

In The Headlines - Want to chat with your favorite celebrity? A new startup is introducing celebrity “AI clones” that allow users to engage in simulated dialogue with well-known online personalities.
What's New In The Tax World? - Could the end of the expanded Child Tax Credit be the reason for the recent rise in child poverty?
State-By-State Updates -Maryland ends its fiscal year with leftover cash, the result of a 5% increase in tax revenue.
Tax Planning Tips - Roth IRA conversions can reduce taxes in retirement—but taxpayers need to consider these factors before making the leap.

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Around the Tax World – September 7, 2023

In The Headlines -Chef Gordon Ramsay heads to southern Florida to open his two newest restaurants.
What's New In The Tax World? - The Biden administration puts forth a proposal for...
State-By-State Updates - ● The verdict is still out on whether Colorado’s state tax refunds may be...
Tax Planning Tips - President Biden is racing to implement a 15% corporate tax as opponents rise up to challenge it.

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Around the Tax World – August 29, 2023

In The Headlines -Beyoncé is in the business of helping her fans smell great...
What's New In The Tax World? - Tax code revamps are a key talking point for 2024 presidential candidates
State-By-State Updates - ● A new tax in Jacksonville, Florida would raise funds for homeless and domestic violence victims.
Tax Planning Tips - The new 1% stock buyback tax adds up to $3.5 billion for the largest U.S. companies.

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Around the Tax World – August 7 2023

In The Headlines -Joe Biden and Elon Musk exchanged tax policy quips on Twitter.
What's New In The Tax World? - As presidential hopefuls look ahead to 2024, DeSantis focuses on taxes, regulations, and policy toward Chinas
State-By-State Updates - A bill that is set to repeal rental tax in Arizona has yet to see the governor’s desk.
Tax Planning Tips - The rules for inherited IRAs have shifted—and could mean a higher tax bill for you or your beneficiaries.

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Around the Tax World – July 25, 2023

In The Headlines -Barbie’s box office debut is expected to rake in as much as $500 million...
What's New In The Tax World? - As universities see an end to affirmative action, they may also see the beginning of higher taxes
State-By-State Updates - As Californians cut back on smoking, early childhood programs may see their funding plummet.
Tax Planning Tips - Over 800,000 student loan borrowers will be eligible for loan forgiveness

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Around the Tax World – July 11, 2023

In The Headlines -Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is seeing record sales at Tesla…
What's New In The Tax World? - ATTN: Next Tax Scam Victim — See Details About the Latest Tax Refund Scam Inside
State-By-State Updates - Pennsylvania seniors may see property tax rebates in their mailboxes soon…
Tax Planning Tips - Lawmakers are looking to boost the Child Tax Credit with both an increase and a new “baby bonus.”

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