July 1, 2024 - Think Outside the Tax Box

July 1, 2024

An Update on BOI Reporting

Misinformation, misinterpretations, and catastrophizing – much has been written these past few months about BOI (Beneficial Ownership Information), all coming from a range of voices, from tax professionals to politicians. There have been dire predictions of small business owners being ushered to jail for failing to file and fears of tax professionals rounded up for the unauthorized practice of law (UPL). Then there are those who mistakenly say BOI has been ruled unconstitutional and who reject any need to worry about it. That is profoundly wrong. Let’s look at the facts and put an end to all of this fearmongering.

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Side Hustles and Tax Tussles: Tax in the Gig and Share Economy Part One

I can recall looking for a part time job in local newspapers when I was in high school. Sometimes a friend and I would ride around with our $2.29 per gallon gas looking for places that were hiring. Facebook was gaining popularity but not for job posting. So, searching for jobs on my phone via an app was unimaginable. Advances in technology have changed the way that we do things in the world. Everything an individual needs to find a job is right at their fingertips. There are more opportunities to find gigs and be your own boss if that’s what one desires. There’s no question that the way people find ways to earn income has changed. What has not changed is the fact that the IRS wants their share of the income earned. But how do we apply the tax code to these new ways that taxpayers are earning money? We are going to break that down in this three-part series. Whether your client is doing odd jobs on an app like TaskRabbit, driving for Lyft, renting out their home or car, you will know how to guide them. This is what we are going to cover today with a focus on rideshare, delivery, and other service gigs.

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Building Your Firm’s Succession Plan from Within

One day, you won’t want to work anymore, at least not at your current firm. How do you pass on your firm for the best chances of success for everyone? That day when you step out the door for the last time may still seem far off, but when it comes – and it will – you’ll be thankful for an orderly departure. That many accounting firms never make it to a second generation indicates that a lot goes into successful succession plans: impressions of senior staff; the bottom line on your firm’s value and future; and, trickiest of all, just admitting that you need a succession plan. Hammer out details beforehand, especially if you, rather than merging your firm into another or selling your firm, want to groom your firm’s next leaders from within. How and when to start?

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Innovative Marketing Trends in 2024

As the accounting industry progresses, staying up-to-date with the latest marketing trends is crucial for us accountants as we aim to attract and retain clients. The marketing landscape is witnessing a significant transformation through major technological advances and continuous changes in consumer purchase behavior, affecting how we attract clients as accountants and business owners. Therefore, to thrive in this dynamic environment, as accountants, we must embrace these innovative marketing strategies that resonate with modern clients. In this article, I'll discuss ten groundbreaking marketing techniques and how you can use them in your firm's marketing strategy.

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