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By Marie Torossian, CPA

Segmenting Your Prospects: A Targeted Approach to Business Development

In the accounting field, where client relationships and personalized service are paramount, understanding and segmenting your client base must be a priority. As the accounting landscape evolves and clients diversify, a tailored approach to client segmentation becomes indispensable. Clients are no longer interested in a one-size-fits-all approach to sales and marketing. Therefore, as an accountant and a firm owner, you must adopt a targeted approach tailored to different customer segments' unique needs and characteristics. In this article, I will delve into the importance of client segmentation within accounting firms and provide insights into implementing this strategy so you can drive growth and enhance your client satisfaction.


10 Ways CTPs Can Use the New Adobe AI Assistant to Analyze PDFs

Launched as a beta in February 2024, the Adobe AI Assistant is a generative AI-powered conversational engine feature within Adobe Acrobat. The app enables you to “chat” with PDF files in natural language and unlock new levels of document productivity. The AI Assistant can be likened to a knowledgeable librarian for digital documents. Just as a librarian assists you in finding the right books, navigating through complex archives, and answering detailed inquiries about content, the AI Assistant helps users navigate, understand, and extract key information from PDF documents. It provides summaries, clarifies content through answers and suggestions, and links to relevant sections, all designed to make your interaction with digital documents as enriching and efficient as a visit to a well-staffed library.

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Avoid IRS Red Flags in Multiple Business Strategies: A Guide for the Wary Tax Business Owner

In the labyrinth of tax planning and business structure, the path to protecting your client’s multiple business strategy from the ever-watchful eye of the IRS can be as intricate as a well-played game of chess. However, while the strategic moves might be complex, the rules of the game are quite clear. Today, let’s dissect these rules with a blend of cautionary tales and cheeky wisdom, ensuring your business maneuvers stay sharp and IRS-compliant. Ever heard of the tax strategy to just “create a new C corporation” and shift income by paying management fees from your main company? Well, so has the IRS, and they are highly skeptical when they see it in the field. The Aspro, Inc. v. Commissioner case serves as a stark reminder for taxpayers about the importance of meticulous documentation and the strict adherence to IRS guidelines for deducting management fees. Aspro, an Iowa-based C corporation in the asphalt-paving business, faced scrutiny over its practice of paying "management fees" to its shareholders, which the IRS and subsequent court rulings reclassified as non-deductible disguised dividends.

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The Role of Webinars in Accountants’ Marketing and Sales Efforts

In modern business, accountants face a dual challenge: They must maintain a firm grasp of financial intricacies and regulatory frameworks and navigate the increasingly competitive marketing and sales landscape. As traditional methods evolve, entrepreneurial accountants must leverage innovative marketing tools to bolster their outreach and attract clientele. Webinars have emerged as a powerful medium among these marketing tools, offering a dynamic platform for education, engagement, and lead generation. Herein, I will explore the fundamental role of webinars in accountants’ marketing and sales efforts, shedding light on their benefits, strategies, and best practices.

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Working With the IRS Now

The IRS has spent the past several months crowing about the relative ease of filing season 2023 and improvements the service has made on behalf of American taxpayers. Filing season 2024 opened on Monday, January 29 with Commissioner Danny Werfel thanking the tax professional and assuring us that “your efforts make a difference, not just for your clients, but for the IRS and the entire nation.” Despite Werfel’s rose-colored press releases, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, especially on the tax-professional-facing side of the service.

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Enhancing Efficiency and Client Satisfaction: The Role of Client Relationship Management Systems for Accountants

As our accounting landscape changes, we remain competitive by more than just number crunching. As accountants, we must cultivate strong client relationships to foster trust, loyalty, and long-term partnerships. We need to track data points that are traceable, comparable, and sharable with the rest of the team members assisting our clients. Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems offer accountants a powerful tool to streamline processes and enhance overall client satisfaction.

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Client Retention Strategies for Accountants: Building Long-Term Relationships

Client acquisition is crucial for business growth in the fast-paced accounting world. However, retaining existing clients is equally important, if not more so. Servicing long-term client relationships is a testament to your firm’s reliability and is critical to sustained success. My first client is still with me, now more than seven years. Our relationship has grown and changed over time but has also strengthened. Loyalty and commitment are two of my core values. I’m always looking to provide value to my prospects and clients to attract and retain them long-term. However, some clients do not fit those values, and I have decided to forgo working with them. I believe that attracting and retaining the right clients starts with your mission, vision, and core values. However, it is also essential to have effective client retention strategies to ensure clients remain loyal and satisfied for the long haul.

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Tax Considerations of Turning Your Hobby Into a Business

For many, owning a small business is the American dream. However, the tax situation incurred by turning your hobby into that business can be a real American headache. Still, who can resist the allure of a job that’s loved and makes the hours fly? You don’t have to resist it. Just be sure of what you’re getting into with Uncle Sam.

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How to Differentiate Yourself as an Accountant

In a highly competitive business landscape, even we accountants face the challenge of setting ourselves apart from our peers. The accounting profession has changed significantly in recent years, with technological advancements, changing regulations, and shifting client expectations. To thrive in this environment, as accountants, we must possess strong technical skills and differentiate ourselves by offering unique value to our clients. The hardest part of establishing our unique value is objectively looking at our accounting journey and pinpointing our most significant achievements.

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