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Think Outside the Tax Box provides trusted, simple, easy-to-implement tax-reduction strategies from the industry’s leading experts with the goal of saving thousands of dollars in taxes each year. Tax Strategies provide value to tax professionals and their clients. It’s a win-win for each. Tax professionals “get paid what they’re worth” and their clients save a ton of money in taxes…legally.

Think Outside the Tax Box is the premier source for tax reduction. It’s all about keeping tax rates low and that’s the knowledge we have – and want – to share. We provide carefully explained and exhaustively researched tax reduction strategies every two weeks and the good news is that we’re all about keeping it simple. In other words, we do the work while you save the money.

We help financial planners provide greater value.

We help tax professionals save their clients money.

We help business owners grow their business.


As you can see, we’re not your typical newsletter.

Meet us

Dominique Molina, CPA, MST, CTS


Dominique is an accomplished keynote speaker, teacher, best-selling author, and mentor to tax professionals across the United States. She frequently appears in print, television, and radio programs, including CNN Money, and was named one of the 40 Most Influential Accountants by CPA Practice Advisor Magazine.

Dominique is the co-founder and President of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners. She trains and certifies CPAs according to her own high standards for advisory excellence and tax reduction goals. In 2009, Dominique began to create an elite network of tax professionals including CPAs, EAs, attorneys and financial service providers who are trained to help their clients proactively plan and implement tax strategies that can rescue thousands of dollars in wasted tax. AICTP’s growing network of tax professionals successfully reaches over 300,000 entrepreneurial businesses throughout the country with Dominique having licensed over 800 tax planners, both nationally and internationally.

Prior to founding Certified Tax Coach, Dominique successfully managed her own practice, a San Diego-based, full-service tax, accounting, and business consulting firm, serving hundreds of business owners and investors across the country for seven years. Preceding this, Dominique assisted a variety of clients for the largest independently owned CPA firm in San Diego.



Bachelor of Science in Accounting, San Diego State University

Master of Laws – LLM, Tax Laws, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Licensed CPA 

Certified Tax Strategist (CTS) from the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners


2014 Top 40 Under 40 Most Influential Accountants, CPA Practice Advisor Magazine

2014 Financial Services Champion Award, SBA

2014 Top 100 Champion Expert Small Business Influencer Awards, Small Business Trends

2014 40 Under 40 Outstanding San Diegans, SD Metro Magazine

Authorships & Co-Authorships

Extreme Staff Makeover! Attracting, Hiring, Managing, and Keeping Top Talent for Your Tax Business (2010)

Breaking the Tax Code: America’s Leading Tax Professionals Reveal Proven Strategies to Legally Minimize Your Taxes and Keep More of What You Earn (2010)

Secrets of a Tax Free Life: Surprising Write-off Strategies Most Business Owners Miss (2012)

Tax Breaks of the Rich and Famous: Millionaire Tactics That Work for Your Small Business! (2013)

Why Didn’t My CPA Tell Me THAT? Small Business Write Offs Conventional Tax Advisors Miss (2014)

The Tax Detective: Uncovering the Mystery of Small Business Tax Planning (2015)

You Can Deduct THAT? How Small Business Owners Can Transform Ordinary Spending into Tax Savings (2016)

Get Paid What You’re Worth: Using Tax Planning to Get Paid for Your Expertise (2017)

The Great Tax Escape: Strategies for Early Planning and a Lower Tax Bill (2017)

Writeoffs to the Rescue! (2019)

Thinking Outside the Tax Box! (2020)


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