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By Amber Gray-Fenner, EA NTPI Fellow USTCP

Retirement Tax Planning – Work for All Seasons of Life

The single best skincare tip for avoiding wrinkles is to stay out of the sun. What does this have to do with retirement tax planning? Well, much as skincare shouldn’t stop when the first wrinkle appears, tax planning for retirement shouldn’t stop at retirement. Tax planning for retirement is an ongoing balancing act that, in a perfect world, begins with the first earned income and continues for the remainder of the taxpayer’s life. The trick is to balance tax strategies that help while a client is working with tax strategies that are going to benefit the client once they retire all without having a crystal ball as to how tax laws may change in the short- or long-term future. This article is the first in a four-part series that explores tax planning strategies both before and during retirement and discusses the importance of pro-active planning before and during retirement.

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“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax” – Albert Einstein You may have spoken to clergy members about many things, but I’ll bet you never spoke with them about their tax issues. Did you ever wonder whether and how clergy are taxed and how they pay taxes? Clergy taxation has some surprising twists and turns. Are they employees or self-employed? Is their income taxable or exempt from income tax? Can they deduct their business expenses? If these were multiple-choice questions, you might need an “all of the above” option. Or, as is often the case with tax-related questions, an “it depends” option. Tax compliance pitfalls and tax planning opportunities abound. Read on for more.

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Tax Planning for DeFi Based Games

As cryptocurrency continues to become more popular, its reach into areas not normally associated with crypto has expanded dramatically. One of the largest areas of growth is the DeFi Gaming sector. DeFi games function like regular video games with one major difference: They are either built on or rely on a blockchain to record activity. This can allow in-game assets to be NFTs that can be bought, sold, or even used in different gaming platforms. While this is a highly desirable ability for the player, it also carries with it tax consequences that gamers have previously not had to consider. With careful planning however, these tax consequences can be mitigated. Continue reading to learn more!

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Top Crime Writer Cannot Avoid SE Tax on Book Royalties

Karin Slaughter’s novel False Witness focuses on a lawyer in a prestigious Atlanta firm gearing up for a criminal trial. Coincidentally we have this week the outcome of her own legal drama, which likely only excites the tax blogosphere. Her appeal to the Eleventh Circuit of a 2019 Tax Court decision confirming that she owed almost $190,000 in self-employment tax for 2010 and 2011 was unsuccessful. Read on to find out what we can learn from this lesson!

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