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By Eva Rosenberg, EA CTC

Is Your Spouse Innocent or Injured? Part 2: The Innocent Spouse

Jack Sprat did pay no tax.
His wife paid all of hers.
But when they filed a joint return,
She learned she owed all of his!

This is the heart of the innocent spouse!

The innocent spouse filed a joint return with a balance due – but didn’t really create the tax obligation. S/he did everything right, paid all the proper withholding or estimated tax payments. Yet, s/he suddenly finds out that the spouse has a balance due and doesn’t have the money to pay it all.


How to Get More Tax Write-offs for Your Rental Property

Question: Do I need to have my LLC hold the title to my rental property to get the tax benefits? Answer: If you’re like most investors, you probably purchased your rental property in your own name. While this doesn’t keep you from accessing all the special tax breaks available with owning real estate, it does expose you to some risky liabilities. Insurance can cover a lot of predictable liabilities like slip and falls, theft, and vandalism, but there are many other things that can happen putting not only the property at risk but also your personal assets. One way to protect against this risk is by using an LLC to hold your property. Most LLCs act like a corporation in providing limited liability protection against creditors for your personal assets and your other non-real estate business activities. Like most things in law, changing the deed can lead to a whole set of problems. So be sure to think twice before changing your deed. There are two key problems this action can cause you as the property’s owner. Keep reading to learn how to overcome them.

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Taking Care of Your Business: Estate Planning for Business Owners

You have put blood, sweat, and tears into your business and the hard work has finally paid off. Unfortunately, all the success may result in a significant tax bill for family members and very few resources available to pay it. Without an alternative, your business could end up on the chopping block for a fraction of what it is worth. It doesn’t have to be that way! Careful estate planning can result in: 1. Minimization of estate taxes 2. Generation of needed liquidity to satisfy estate expenses Continue reading to learn more!

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Taking Cash from Your C Corporation: Which Tactic is Best for You?

Being a shareholder owner of a C corporation comes with certain benefits, including the ability to take cash from your business. How to do so depends on your short- and long-term goals and consideration of the tax trade-offs. This article will discuss the options available to shareholder owners, other than borrowing, to realize cash from a corporation that is expected to continue.

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