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Edition 58

By Timalyn Bowens, EA

Divorce and Taxes

“Timalyn, Alyssa and I filed for divorce, and we will finalize everything before Thanksgiving. Does this change things for our taxes?”

“No! Can we wait until January 1?” were my initial thoughts. But then I realized that if this news blindsided me, the seemingly happy couple was probably also scrambling for answers. They were looking to me to be calm during an upcoming storm.

To give you some context, I had helped this family lower their back taxes by $16,000 and get a payment plan that worked well with their cash flow. Then, by implementing a few strategies they had just saved an extra $20,000 on their last tax return. We were planning on saving them even more money in upcoming years.

Then, that is when it happened. Divorce.

I never saw this happening, so I never prepared for it. But if it happened to me, it will happen to you. Clients divorce.

Some of the things we are going over today may seem obvious to you. But remember what is obvious to us as tax experts is not obvious to our clients, especially if they are going through a life-changing event such as divorce.

Here are four things you need to inform your client about when it comes to their divorce and taxes...


Facts, Circumstances, and Forever Stamps

The price of a forever stamp increased from $0.58 to $0.63 on January 1, 2023. A tax pro posted this fact as a public service announcement on Facebook. Of course, tax pros being tax pros, someone chimed in, “Do I have to recognize a capital gain upon disposition of my forever stamp?” And of course, someone (me) felt obliged to answer, “It depends.” A direct message followed this bit of tax drollery on Twitter that says, “In theory, if I’m holding stamps as an investment, they would be a capital asset.” And so it begins…

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Crypto Charitable Deduction Compliance – Mission Impossible?

Reilly’s Fourth Law of Tax: “Execution isn’t everything, but it’s a lot” might be amended when it comes to charitable deduction of property, because there you have an area where execution is almost everything. It is also an area that dramatically illustrates the Seventh Law: “Read the instructions.” In January, we received guidance from the IRS on the reporting requirements for charitable contributions of crypto currency . If you have followed IRS guidance on crypto and know something about charitable donation reporting requirements, the result shouldn’t surprise you , but maybe it will. The most disturbing part of the story is that the IRS may be asking for something we can’t provide...

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Tax Court Roundup – May 2023

As always, much has happened in the tax courts this past month; let's jump right in!

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