April 15, 2023 - Think Outside the Tax Box

April 15, 2023

2023 Summer Education Series Event Calendar

We are so excited to announce the 2023 Summer Education Series! All summer long we will be bringing our loyal subscribers monthly webinars featuring some of the brightest minds in tax! Each webinar will feature our usual blend of high-quality education and entertainment and include continuing education credits for those who qualify. All of this is included in your regular subscription! Continue reading to see what we have in store...

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The 1099 Nightmare

My attitude toward 1099 compliance changed radically about fifteen years ago. The type of 1099 compliance I am talking about is for business to business services. If you are running a bank or a brokerage house, this will not be any help. I was a partner in a regional firm and frankly I never gave 1099 compliance much thought until I was called in to consult on an audit. Then I got this really scary wake-up call...

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Client Alert

Reporting Cannabis on a Federal Return: A Very Basic Primer

You can find new cannabis dispensaries or head shops on every corner in my neighborhood. But purchase and sale of marijuana has not been legalized on the federal level. What’s an ethical tax professional to do, when your client walks in with the news that they’ve started a cannabis business in your state? Read on to find out!

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Just Good Business – Review Your Administrative Compliance

Tax season is in full effect, and it is likely that you are seeing and coping with the effects of poor administrative compliance on the part of your small business clients. Instead of bemoaning the fact that so many clients “don’t get it” use some of the time you’re spending on the return to prepare a list of administrative compliance items that the client needs to address. Then, set a (paid) planning appointment for later in the year to help the client address those items. If you do this, and if the client heeds your advice, next filing season more (if not always all) of the client’s administrative compliance will be in order by the time you start preparing their returns. It’s a win-win. Your client gets the opportunity to ensure that they are meeting administrative requirements that protect them from liability or penalties. You get cleaner paperwork (and peace of mind) moving into next filing season. Read on to learn more!

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Another active month, with plenty of variety and practice tips. And new Tax Court Rules announced...

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