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Why Tax Planners are Turning to ELI5 – The Results Will Amaze You!

Taxes can be a maze of numbers and jargon that leave even the savviest individuals scratching their heads. But what if there was a secret method that tax professionals were using to make it all seem as easy as child's play? Introducing the ELI5 approach!


Tax Court Roundup – May 2023

As always, much has happened in the tax courts this past month; let's jump right in!

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2023 Summer Education Series Event Calendar

We are so excited to announce the 2023 Summer Education Series! All summer long we will be bringing our loyal subscribers monthly webinars featuring some of the brightest minds in tax! Each webinar will feature our usual blend of high-quality education and entertainment and include continuing education credits for those who qualify. All of this is included in your regular subscription! Continue reading to see what we have in store...

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Live Webinar Event: The DeFi & Digital Asset Taxation Course

Join nationally recognized speaker and educator Matt Metras, EA, as he guides you through the ins and outs of mining, staking, forks, airdrops, DeFi swaps, yield farming, liquidity pools, NFTs, and more. With little guidance in these areas, you'll learn how to apply existing code sections to cryptocurrency situations, with a focus on finding tax-saving opportunities. We'll also cover how to extract transactions from the blockchain and introduce you to a number of helpful tools. This two-hour course is packed with valuable information, but it’s more than just information - we're also offering continuing education credits to qualifying attendees, courtesy of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners.

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Live Webinar Event: Qualified Plans with Unique Options

The IRS is deploying technology and big data to combat compensation under-reporting. What does this likely mean for you and your S Corps? That Reasonable Compensation challenges will likely occur outside the traditional exam process. A challenge may come from the ongoing Employment Tax Program or the recently launched CIP. From our polling, we find most tax advisors and their S Corp clients are dangerously unprepared for an IRS reasonable compensation challenge. If you are working with S corps, here’s the news you need to know...

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Live Event! Reasonable Compensation for S Corps Webinar

A TOTTB Live Webinar Event sponsored by our friends at RCReports! For two decades the IRS has been preparing an assault on reasonable compensation for S Corps. Their arsenal is now fully locked and loaded. In it, there is everything from commonsense tools to obscure memos. We will explore key court cases, IRS guidelines, preparer penalties and some of the obscure weapons the IRS has put in place. We debunk common myths and fiction on how reasonable compensation should be calculated and replace it with facts and methodologies that the IRS relies on.

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Real Estate Developments Investments with Mineral Easements Option Course

This session will cover the basics of tax-efficient real estate strategies, specifically real estate development investments with a conservation easement option. The structure of each type of offering will be outlined in detail. The history of the laws addressing conservation easements will be discussed including an in-depth explanation on the current legislative landscape. Since the nature of each deal is driven by an underlying commodity, details outlining valuation and current market trends will be covered including the appraisal processes. Partnership voting will also be explained.

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The Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits Course

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 expanded existing energy credits and created brand new ones. There are now several new ways tax professionals can help taxpayers save thousands of dollars a year by planning for these tax credits. In this webinar, we will cover the credits likely to be used by individuals and small businesses. We will also discuss tax planning considerations and areas in need of additional guidance.

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The Inflation Reduction Act Town Hall

We’re hosting a live open discussion forum to help educate you on the new Inflation Reduction Act! The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) makes some big promises: lower energy costs, provide tax credits for electric vehicles, negotiate cheaper medications for seniors, deliver faster tax refunds, and create more responsive IRS agents! How all these promises are paid for and how they impact the average American are already the topic of intense debate and, in some cases, the cause of outright fear! In fact, there has been so much concern and debate around this new bill that we’ve decided to hold a town hall on the subject! Keep reading to get all the details...

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