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The Ultimate Year End Tip Guide and the Search for the Great Shelter

Coming up on the end of the year, year end planning is kind of a ritual for me. I take my first pass in early November and will do it again no later than December. It is pretty boring. I thought it would be worthwhile to do a survey of a variety of year end tips articles. What is going on here is something like Ahab’s hunt for the great white whale. I am looking for something to help out HENRY. HENRY stands for High Earnings Not Rich Yet. I wrote about the quest in 2019. I found nothing much for HENRY then, and this year’s batch of advice articles really does not offer much.

The articles do not all say exactly the same thing, but there is a lot of commonality. Due to the sophisticated nature of the readership of TOTTB, I will just allude to the tips, not explain them in detail, because I am going someplace else with this. There is nothing dramatic for HENRY coming from conventional advisers, which accounts for HENRY’s vulnerability to sketchy tax shelters. I will share a bit about what I have seen in that department and reflect a bit.

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