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Just Good Business – Review Your Fixed Asset List for Hidden Deductions

Most businesses require the purchase of equipment or other property to help generate income. How you deduct the costs of these business assets depends on what it is and how long it will be useful (what are called asset classes and the Business Use Percentages (BUP)).

In some situations, you can deduct the full cost of the asset the year you buy it, rather than depreciating it over time, but many times you are deducting a portion of what you paid for the property each year you have it.

Fixed assets are assets that have a useful life of more than one year and/or are not expected to be converted to cash within a year (those types of assets are current assets). Land, buildings, furniture, and equipment (including vehicles) are the most common types of fixed assets for businesses.

Fixed asset listings are records of the costs of business property and what tax deductions or improvements have been made over time. Unfortunately, these lists can get quite messy and confusing over time, especially the longer a business is in operation, and the more frequently you have changed tax professionals.

What most business owners (and even their tax advisers) don’t know is that there are often thousands in tax savings contained on these lists, especially when they are messy or confusing.

There are four savings opportunities buried in these records and what you do with them can result in less cash to the IRS.

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