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How to Earn $1 Million in Two Years Tax-Free Using Real Estate

No doubt you’re familiar with taxes arising from the sale of real estate. Capital gains tax applies whenever anyone sells an asset for profit.

A capital gain is the sale price minus your “adjusted basis.”
● The “basis” starts at the price paid for the property; and then:
● ADD the amount that was put into improving the property and;
● SUBTRACT the amount, if any, that you may have “written off” based on depreciation.
● Short term capital gains (within one year of purchase) are taxed as ordinary income.
● Long term capital gains are taxed at a lower rate. (15 percent if your taxable income is less than $501,600.)

You’re probably also familiar with the homeowners’ gain exclusion for the sale of your primary residence. This is the spectacular Section 121 exclusion that allows you to exclude up to $500,000 of profit related to the sale of your home ($250,000 if you are single).

But you may not be aware of how to claim this exemption on two homes – and you can do it on nontraditional homes such as boats or motorhomes and even vacation homes. Continue reading to learn how.

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