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“AI Inside” – What Does that Even Mean?

Remember back in the day when having your tax and accounting software in the "Cloud" was the newest, coolest thing? Even if it took us 10 years to realize that the "cloud" just meant someone's server somewhere else? Similarly, have you noticed that our tax and accounting products have a sprinkling of AI now? And if they don't, they're talking about how they'll be AI-ing soon? (And if they're not talking about it, do we even want them in our toolbox?) Let's chat about what it means to have "AI Inside", especially with the rise of tools like ChatGPT and Bard.

The "AI Inside" label is becoming ubiquitous but can mean many things, so let's discuss. I'd hate for you to get excited about an AI feature only to discover that you can access it via one of the widely available Generative AI (GenAI) tools (ChatGPT, BingChat, Bard, Claude, etc.). While this new technology has fundamentally shifted everything, what does it mean for us as tax professionals?

On this journey of exploring what "AI Inside" really means, we're going to discuss what's going on under the hood. We'll also dive into why creating a fully functional "TaxGPT" is challenging right now. (Notice I said "right now"). Finally, we can look at what "AI Inside" tools would be handy, even if you CAN get that functionality out of the regular ol' GenAI applications. In the end, you'll know whether to be impressed or pass. And, even more importantly, you'll know whether to spend the extra money on those tools.

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