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By Aunnah Williams

Around the Tax World – February 8, 2024

In The Headlines - Super Bowl LVIII means record-breaking ticket prices for football fans and revenue spikes for Las Vegas small businesses.

What's New In The Tax World? - To file or not to file? With new proposed tax breaks coming up fast, the IRS urges taxpayers to move ahead with their tax returns

State-By-State Updates -A Connecticut task force tries to bid farewell to the state’s car tax.

Tax Planning Tips - With TJCA tax provisions soon to expire, 2024 will be a crucial year for tax planning.


Around The Tax World- May 25, 2023

World NEWS - The Supreme Court rules that the IRS does not need to give notice to third parties when requesting bank records…
U.S. NEWS - The IRS is developing a free electronic tax filing system that could replace commercial options
STATE NEWS - Texas legislators advance a bill that would change property tax limits…
TAX PLANNING - In 2023, the IRS flagged over 1 million tax returns as potentially fraudulent.

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Around The Tax World- May 9, 2023

World NEWS - A group of U.S. Senators push the IRS to take action against AI-generated tax scams…
U.S. NEWS - New York and California tax revenue took a hit during COVID-19 as high-income earners moved to low-tax states
STATE NEWS - The Minnesota Senate passed a $4 billion tax bill…
TAX PLANNING - The deadline is approaching for the 1.5 million taxpayers with an unclaimed 2019 tax refund to file their return.

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Around The Tax World- April 20, 2023

World NEWS - President Joe Biden proposes increased taxes on the wealthy to fund Medicare…
U.S. NEWS - The Biden administration released new rules limiting which electric vehicles are eligible for tax credits
STATE NEWS -Massachusetts advances a $1.1 billion tax package…
TAX PLANNING - Early filers may need to file an amended tax return if they reported certain 2022 state refunds as taxable income.

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Around The Tax World- April 10, 2023

World NEWS - The IRS has extended this year’s tax deadline for state disaster areas…
U.S. NEWS - The IRS releases its list of 2023 “Dirty Dozen” tax scams
STATE NEWS - Chicago’s recently-elected mayor proposed $800 million in new taxes…
TAX PLANNING - Social Security benefits may be taxed due to the 2022 cost-of-living adjustment.

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Around The Tax World- March 28, 2023

World NEWS - Tesla’s lowest-price vehicle may soon lose eligibility for the EV tax credit…
U.S. NEWS - The U.S. Treasury is set to publish updated guidance for the EV tax credit before the end of March
STATE NEWS - Texas advances a new $16.5 billion proposal that includes property tax cuts…
TAX PLANNING - Student loan borrowers may see fewer deductions in the 2023 tax season.

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Around The Tax World- March 7, 2023

World NEWS - Tax experts step up to refute social media claims that income taxes are not legally required…
U.S. NEWS - The federal government is opting not to tax one-time state-level payments to residents
STATE NEWS -The Michigan Senate eliminates a plan to remit $180 checks to residents…
TAX PLANNING - Taxpayers looking to boost this year’s tax refund could benefit from claiming a dependent—if they are eligible.

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Around The Tax World- February 21, 2023

World NEWS - Oakland-area small business owners rally in support of the suspended police chief…
U.S. NEWS - Amazon’s average cut of small business sales surpasses 50%
STATE NEWS - Iowa small business owners join the Small Business Voices to petition Congress…
TAX PLANNING - Intuit purchases $1 million in goods from local small businesses to be donated to nonprofits

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Around the Tax World- January 23, 2023

World NEWS - Walmart paid almost $1 billion in taxes after moving PhonePe headquarters to India…
U.S. NEWS - 38 U.S. states will see tax changes in 2023—including significant tax reductions...
STATE NEWS - Kentucky legislators seek to pass an income tax reduction bill…
TAX PLANNING - New year, new tax brackets—taxpayers anticipate higher take-home pay in 2023...

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