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Around The Tax World- March 14, 2023

World NEWS – Tax experts step up to refute social media claims that income taxes are not legally required…

U.S. NEWS – The federal government is opting not to tax one-time state-level payments to residents

STATE NEWS -The Michigan Senate eliminates a plan to remit $180 checks to residents…

TAX PLANNING – Taxpayers looking to boost this year’s tax refund could benefit from claiming a dependent—if they are eligible.

Around The Tax World- February 28, 2023

World NEWS – Oakland-area small business owners rally in support of the suspended police chief…

U.S. NEWS – Amazon’s average cut of small business sales surpasses 50%

STATE NEWS – Iowa small business owners join the Small Business Voices to petition Congress…

TAX PLANNING – Intuit purchases $1 million in goods from local small businesses to be donated to nonprofits

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