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THINK OUTSIDE THE TAX BOX is thrilled to introduce TAX LAW PROTM

An innovative and indispensable online tax law discovery tool designed to elevate your research capabilities and propel your practice to new heights. This cutting-edge resource is a constantly updated, user-friendly tax law library, meticulously curated to furnish you with precise and current information, empowering you to make well-informed decisions for yourself and your clients. 

Before the internet, tax professionals had to sift through volumes of leather-bound law books to navigate the intricate maze of the tax code. Compounding the frustration, some regulations were updated or amended before the ink on the pages had dried. Even in the era of easy online research, tools that provide up-to-date information on the ever-shifting landscape of American tax law can cost tens of thousands of dollars each year.

At Think Outside the Tax Box, we strongly believe that every firm, regardless of its size, should have unfettered access to resources that facilitate the seamless retrieval of current regulations and analysis. That’s why we’re launching TAX LAW PRO – a digital tax reference tool library featuring a comprehensive search function that enables effortless retrieval of court cases, code sections, and news across all tax topics.

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“The website is very clean and user friendly. The search function is powerful since I was able to find articles pretty quickly and of course, with this, we can save our client tons.”

-Jay Dahal


There are so many ways Tax Law Pro can optimize your practice and enhance your ability to serve your clients.

  • Access to Up-to-Date Information: Tax laws are constantly evolving due to legislative changes, court rulings, and IRS regulations. With Tax Law Pro, you’re always up to date on the latest changes in tax laws!

  • Research and Interpretation: In the world of tax, complex scenarios often require in-depth research and interpretation of laws. Tax Law Pro gives you access to a vast array of resources, including statutes, regulations, rulings, and case law, enabling you to conduct thorough research quickly and easily.

  • Efficiency and Productivity: Traditional methods of accessing tax laws, such as physical books or PDF documents, can be time-consuming, inefficient, and even out of date. Tax Law Pro streamlines the research process, allowing you to find what you need with just a few clicks, freeing up more of your time for clients.

  • Client Consultation and Advisory Services: When providing consultation and advisory services to clients, Tax Law Pro allows you to research specific tax issues, provide accurate guidance on compliance matters, and offer strategic tax planning advice tailored to each client’s needs.

  • Tax Return Preparation and Compliance: Tax Law Pro lets you make sure that all relevant tax laws and regulations are applied correctly. You can verify deductions, credits, and other tax implications, minimizing the risk of errors and potential audits.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Full of primary documents, audit manuals, in-depth analysis, and a news aggregator you won’t find anywhere else, Tax Law Pro powered by Think Outside the Tax Box is the tool that will allow you to take your practice to the next level.


Not only stands as a formidable tool for tax law research but also collaborates with Think Outside the Tax Box to deliver expert commentary and in-depth analysis on diverse tax issues. This ensures that you possess the most thorough and up-to-date understanding of the tax laws relevant to your inquiries.

With TAX LAW PRO, you get:

  • A constantly updated law library of all federal tax laws.
  • An easily searchable archive of court cases and code sections pertaining to US tax law, plus a feature where you can compare old versions of laws with updated ones to see how and when they changed.
  • An exhaustive tax news aggregator, with options to filter by specific state or subject.
  • A full library of state audit manuals. 
  • Expert analysis that provides context and discussion for these primary legal sources.
PLUS, when paired with a subscription to THINK OUTSIDE THE TAX BOX, you get access to quarterly webinars on a range of topics, a biweekly newsletter written by some of the top voices in the tax industry, and opportunities for continuing education credits. Think Outside the Tax Box with Tax Law Pro is your one-stop shop for all the tools you need to bring your practice to the next level.


Current tax reference tool platforms such as LexisNexis, CCH, and Checkpoint can cost tens of thousands of dollars annually and require hours of training to learn how to navigate. And you can’t necessarily trust what you find on Google or Facebook to have your back if you need something to hold up in court. TAX LAW PRO is the affordable and intuitive platform to solve all your research problems, democratizing access to critical information and transforming the landscape of tax law research.



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