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Managing the Hassles of the Modern Tax Practice —
an in-depth suite of four webinars designed to transform your firm's future!

Tax season is always demanding. But what comes after? As a dedicated tax professional, it’s crucial to continually enhance your practice and adapt to an ever-changing landscape so you can deliver the best results to your clients and the most value to yourself.

Introducing the Beyond the Returns Series! A comprehensive eight-hour course divided into four chapters from two of the top tax minds in the industry designed to transform the way you do business and take your practice to the next level.

Originally presented as a series of live webinars from Think Outside The Tax Box, this new and improved package is filled with extra features and supplementary materials that will help you create the blueprint for the practice you deserve.

Key Highlights

Navigate the complexities of practice mechanics.

Achieve a fulfilling balance between home and work.

Dive deep into the imperatives of security and liability.

Strategize your firm's life cycle, from inception to retirement.

Led by industry veterans, Amber Gray-Fenner, EA, NTPI Fellow, USTCP and Matt Metras, EA, this series promises actionable insights to ensure you’re well-prepared for the 2024 filing season and the years to come.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to redefine and rejuvenate your tax practice.

The "Beyond the Return Series" with Amber and Matt was a great blend of professional insight and practical application. They skillfully navigated the diversity of practices in tax firms, avoiding the typical one-size-fits-all approach that we often see on social media. I really appreciated their focus on data security, a crucial but often misunderstood or ignored area in our field. This series stood out for its ability to make complex topics accessible and engaging, offering a perfect mix of expertise and real-world relevance. It's a must-watch for professionals seeking a fresh perspective in tax practice management.


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Title: BEYOND THE RETURNS: Practice Mechanics

Speakers: Amber Gray-Fenner EA, NTPI Fellow, USTCP & Matt Metras, EA


Dive deep into the foundational elements that constitute a robust tax practice. From selecting the perfect revenue streams tailored for your expertise to crafting an efficient technology portfolio, this session ensures you’re equipped for the long haul. Amber Gray-Fenner and Matt Metras also shed light on the perennial dilemma: to staff or not to staff? Conclude by exploring strategies to manage client expectations, ensuring a harmonious and lasting professional relationship.

Title: BEYOND THE RETURNS: Boundaries and Balance

Speakers: Amber Gray-Fenner EA, NTPI Fellow, USTCP & Matt Metras, EA


How often have you felt stretched too thin between professional obligations and personal commitments? This session is dedicated to helping you delineate a clear boundary between work and home, allowing for a fulfilling life on both fronts. Understand the essence of defining your ideal client and practice and discover the art of graceful refusal when faced with unsuitable projects. Embrace a holistic approach that aligns with both your professional vision and personal well-being.

Title: BEYOND THE RETURNS: Security and Liability

Speakers: Amber Gray-Fenner EA, NTPI Fellow, USTCP & Matt Metras, EA


In an era where data breaches are rampant, it’s imperative for tax professionals to be vigilant about security. This session goes beyond the basics, touching upon the potential pitfalls and challenges of a home office, hiring outside staff, and even attending tax conferences. With guidance from Amber and Matt, delve into the trifecta of security types and arm yourself with the knowledge to mitigate risks, safeguard your practice, and uphold your reputation.

Title: BEYOND THE RETURNS: Business Life Cycles

Speakers: Amber Gray-Fenner EA, NTPI Fellow, USTCP & Matt Metras, EA


Every firm has its life cycle, from its spirited beginnings to periods of growth, maintenance, and even impending retirement. In this essential session, join Matt and Amber as they navigate the waters of change. Learn how to initiate with a clear end vision yet remain agile to adapt when unforeseen shifts occur. Whether you’re eyeing growth or contemplating retirement, equip yourself with strategies to seamlessly transition through each phase, ensuring sustained success.

Matt Metras, EA

Matt Metras, EA is the owner of MDM Financial Services in Irondequoit, NY. He has been practicing since 2003 and specializes in bookkeeping and taxation for cryptocurrency clients. He has instructed on Cryptocurrency Taxation for the National Association of Enrolled Agents and NY Society of Enrolled Agents. Additionally, he is an administrator of the “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Tax Info” Facebook group and a moderator of the r/cryptotaxation subreddit. Matt is also a passionate community advocate and serves on his local Board of Education.

Amber Gray-Fenner, EA NTPI Fellow USTCP

Amber Gray-Fenner is an Enrolled Agent, National Tax Practice Institute Fellow, and United States Tax Court Practitioner. She is the owner of Tax Therapy, LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Amber’s practice focuses on tax returns and tax planning for individuals and small professional businesses with a bit of representation thrown in to keep things spicy. In 2020, Amber was selected as one of the Top 100 Must Follow Tax Twitter Accounts. Amber was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has a Bachelor of Arts in English from UNLV.

What people are saying

The "Beyond the Return Series" was a very enjoyable and thoughtful webinar series from Think Outside the Tax Box. The presenters, Amber and Matt, brought their experience and perspective to the topics of managing tax season, managing practices, and considering ways to improve the wellbeing of firm owners and employees. I would attend this series again, and I would recommend this series to others in the tax services industry. I appreciated the interactions between the presenters and the attendees, which comes through even if not attending live. This is helpful for thoughtful framework and consideration in setting up or changing a firm.

I loved Amber and Matt's webinar on practice management!! I have been restructuring my practice the last couple months because what I was doing wasn't profitable and it was way too much work. I feel like I've been equipped with a complete new set of tools. I feel like the tax office culture centers around growth and when that's not working for you it feels like you're the only one failing. This series gave me a new perspective and new hope. I can't wait to put into practice all the things I learned from this series. This is a must for tax pros at all stages of business life.

I thoroughly enjoyed TOTTB's practice management webinars and all tax practitioners can learn actionable ideas to apply to their practice. Amber and Matt are fantastic speakers and they review all aspects of running a tax practice including, but not limited to: revenue, technology, automation, workflow, workload, and the life cycle of a firm. They have real experience running real firms and speak honestly about their real-world experience. These are the best practice management webinars I have attended.

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