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Keeping up to date on the expansive, constantly shifting landscape of tax laws can feel impossible. Think Outside the Tax Box and Reilly’s Laws of Tax Planning (& Life!) are here to help!

This 280 page, hard cover book is a thorough and engaging exploration of important tax matters with clarity and touch of humor, REILLY’S LAWS OF TAX PLANNING (& LIFE!) distills 40 years of tax planning into 18 helpful guidelines that are essential for anyone trying to navigate the world of tax.

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Your clients come to you for financial advice. We help you gain their trust as their financial planner by providing you with tax-reduction strategies they might not get anywhere else.

We help you provide maximum value for your clients. When you prepare clients’ tax returns, are you simply recording their expenditures? Or are you offering proactive tax-saving strategies?

Learn how to minimize your tax payments by leveraging credits, deductions, and loopholes to
keep your rate low.

We all want the tools to bring the greatest value possible to our businesses and our clients, but with so much constantly evolving material to sift through, it can be overwhelming. By subscribing to, you’ll take a huge step towards learning the tips and tools you need to save thousands of dollars in taxes for you and your clients for only $249/year (15% savings over the monthly subscription option) – all contained in one easy-to-navigate, constantly updated website!

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With a Think Outside the Tax Box subscription you’ll learn how to minimize your tax payments by leveraging credits, deductions, and loopholes to keep your rate low.

Learn how to get the tax savings you are entitled to:

Here’s what you’ll find….

  •  Structuring your business for a lifetime of tax savings.
  • Tips and tricks for generating tax-free income—that’s right, no tax at all!
  • Exiting your investments with maximum profit and lower capital gains.


Potential savings of up to $15,000 per issue, including:

  • Expert tips – New tax-reduction strategies carefully explained and exhaustively researched every two weeks!
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  • VIP – Members-only monthly AMA with’s EiC!
  • Industry news – Relevant news and information from around the professional tax and financial industry all in one convenient place!

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Reilly's LAWS of Tax Planning (& Life!)

I always say it’s not the subject matter that drives a good book, it’s the storytelling.
And Peter Reilly knows how to tell a good tax story.

-Andrea Carr, CPA

Paul Streckfus, Editor, EO Tax Journal

“Over the years, Peter [Reilly's Laws of Tax Planning] blog has been one of my go-to sources for current tax developments and incisive commentary.”

Lewis Taishoff, USTCP and fellow blogger

“Peter Reilly, CPA, is a well-respected Forbes blogger, with a balanced viewpoint and a practical approach. Well worth reading.”

Jack Townsend, tax lawyer, former adjunct professor of law, author, and blogger

“I have enjoyed Peter's blogs and email correspondence over the years. What I appreciate most is Peter's interest in the stories of people involved in significant tax developments, usually cases involving some types of punishments, civil or criminal. Peter finds and reports the backstory, trying to understand why the people acted as they did to draw IRS or DOJ security. Peter tells their stories with empathy.”

What’s in a Think Outside the Tax Box subscription?

In addition to our gift to you of Reilly’s Laws of Tax Planning (& Life!), you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of amazing resources to help you minimize your taxes by maximizing your strategy.

The Newsletter – Two Times Per Month!

On the first and fifteenth of each month we post a newsletter to our website featuring a variety of new, exclusive articles. Our articles are written by some of the most recognized and reliable tax professionals in the industry who bring decades of knowledge and experience to their craft. 

In addition, every single article is overseen by Editor-In-Chief, Dominique Molina, the visionary mastermind responsible for eight best-selling tax books and the driving force behind the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners!

Around the Tax World – Two Times Per Month!

Twice per month, along with a sneak peek of the next newsletter, we send out our “Around the Tax World” email feature. This curated, concisely written feature acts as your own personal aggregator of all the news happening in and around the world of tax. Your days of endless scrolling and combing the internet for the tax stories of the day end now because we’re doing that work for you!

Private Facebook Group – Join the Community!

Our free private Facebook Group serves as a community for subscribers to engage with one another, ask tax planning questions, and engage with your favorite authors!

Live Webinars – Every Quarter!

Every few months, we bring our subscribers a free, live webinar to help educate and inspire them on all things tax! These webinars feature a wide variety of excellent speakers and topics, are 100% exclusive, and include continuing education credits for those who qualify! (And, if you become an Annual subscriber – make sure to check out the “Exclusive Bonus” section of the site to see recordings of every single past webinar!)

Client Alerts – Twice Per Month!

As a tax professional, are you looking for ways to educate and engage with your clients on a regular basis? We’ve done the work for you! Look for the downloadable “Client Alert” attached to at least one article per newsletter. These “Client Alerts” are yours to openly share with your clients and associates!


Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words! Our crack graphic design team is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve articles by including helpful informational graphics and, best of all, the infographics are always downloadable and shareable!

Don’t Miss Out!

Think Outside the Tax Box is the premier on-line publication for tax reduction information. We have hundreds of articles featuring in-depth, easy to understand, exhaustively cited essays on the topic of tax reduction for our subscribers. And, every two weeks, we add more articles, and more features like our live webinar events, and downloadable “Client Alerts.”

We’d love for you to be a part of it!

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