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A thorough and engaging exploration of important tax matters with clarity and a touch of humor, REILLY’S LAWS OF TAX PLANNING (& LIFE!) distills 40 years of tax planning into 18 helpful guidelines that are essential for anyone trying to navigate the world of tax.

I always say it’s not the subject matter that drives a good book, it’s the story telling.  And Peter Reilly knows how to tell a good tax story.

– Andrea Carr, CPA

Paul Streckfus, Editor, EO Tax Journal

“Over the years, Peter [Reilly's Laws of Tax Planning] blog has been one of my go-to sources for current tax developments and incisive commentary”

Lewis Taishoff, USTCP and fellow blogger

“Peter Reilly, CPA, is a well-respected Forbes blogger, with a balanced viewpoint and a practical approach. Well worth reading.”

Jack Townsend, tax lawyer, former adjunct professor of law, author, and blogger

“I have enjoyed Peter's blogs and email correspondence over the years. What I appreciate most is Peter's interest in the stories of people involved in significant tax developments, usually cases involving some types of punishments, civil or criminal. Peter finds and reports the backstory, trying to understand why the people acted as they did to draw IRS or DOJ security. Peter tells their stories with empathy.”

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The Prime Directive

If you don’t have documentation, at least have a plausible story…

As a tax planner, Peter made a few mistakes and saw others make many. As a blogger at and a columnist for Forbes and Think Outside the Tax Box, Peter comments on the opinions on tax matters that the courts issue at the federal and state level. He distills lessons with clarity and a touch of humor that make them easy for tax planners to apply to their clients’ situations.

Reilly’s Laws of Tax Planning grew organically with consistent themes and lessons emerging with each tax case Peter reviewed. The laws started out as jokes in his posts. He numbered them inconsistently, but commenters alerted Peter to when he mixed up the fifth and sixth laws and wondered how many laws there were. Peter recalls, “So as my sainted mother used to say, “I got organized.”

Reilly's LAWS of Tax Planning (& Life!)

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